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Tips From Bill

Bill FenknorBill Felknor is the ‘Mater Man’ Read Tomato Talk to get some great gardening advice and while you’re here, learn some fun facts about tomatoes!

Gardening Tips

Bill FenknorGrowing your own fresh fruits and vegetables is easy with Topsy Turvy® planters. To make it even EASIER here are some growing tips.


Bill FenknorStill need some help? Check out our commonly asked questions and answers. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, send us an email here.


Bill FenknorWatch video demonstrations of how to put together, and take care of, a Topsy Turvy® Planter here.


Bill FenknorOnce you have grown your delicious fruits and vegetables, you will need to make some fantastic new dishes. Check out our recipes here!